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Sunday, December 2, 2012

BOOK: Tending Roses

Tending Roses
by Lisa Wingate

My book club selected this novel for November.  I bought my own copy because it wasn't available from the library, and I'm glad I did because I know I will end up sharing this book with many people.  Our book club had a great discussion; there are lots of lessons to be learned not only from the story taking place, but the stories told by one of the main characters, Grandma Rose.  It's a novel in the true sense of the word; it's not reality.  Events in the story don't happen exactly the way things happen in real life; they happen the way things SHOULD happen in real life.  The story is set up to teach the reader, and it does.  It's clean, well-written, and contains nothing offensive.  Anyone who has aging parents or grandparents will enjoy this book, along with anyone who has ever been a parent, child, sibling, or family member of any kind.  I guess that's just about everyone. 

Recommended for Adults (and older teens who are emotionally mature)

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