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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BOOK: Love, Ruby Lavender

Love, Ruby Lavender
by Deborah Wiles

I read a lot of children's book since I review them for our school library, especially during the summer when I (supposedly) have more time.  (Ha!)  Even though I read children's book out of obligation (sort of) I generally really enjoy them.  And I always like to have books to recommend to my own children.

This delightful novel was quite touching and tender.  Ruby and her grandmother are very colorful characters, and the small town atmosphere is always fun.  The story is fun and interesting, but there is also a lot to learn from the characters and how they handle difficult things in life.  There is some nice character growth, and plenty of fun. 

The book contains nothing offensive, and it would make a great read-aloud book as well as enjoyable for children to read on their own.  Though the main characters are all female (and strong ones) I don't see any reason why boys wouldn't enjoy this book as well.

Recommended for:  Ages 8-12

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  1. How did you get appointed to be the one reviewing books for the school library? I want that job!