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Sunday, June 24, 2012

BOOK: First Light

First Light
by Rebecca Stead

I had a hard time getting in to this story, but once I finally did I enjoyed it.  It didn't start coming together though until about half-way through, which seems a long time to stick with a story.  But since I had enjoyed another book by this author, I stuck it out. 

I was a little bit annoyed by a few loose ends (though they are minor), and the author's occasionally "preachy" tone but I can usually overlook that... or pretend that's not the author's intention.  Overall it's a good book... not fantastic, but enjoyable.  There is really no love story, which was a bit surprising for young adult fiction, but actually kind of refreshing.

The book contains nothing offensive (I don't even remember any mild profanity, though it's possible I missed some), but the subject matter is pretty intense.  There is also a brief mention of human reproduction as regarding the paternity of a character(s), but it's not detailed.... just matter-of-fact and brief, but it would be confusing or possibly disconcerting to a child who is unaware of the "facts of life."

Recommended for:   Ages 12 and up

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