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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FILM: Take Me Home (2011)

Take Me Home (2011)
Rated PG-13
Starring Sam Jaeger, Amber Jaeger

Has anyone heard of this film?  I stumbled upon this little gem on Netflix one night when my husband was away.  I was specifically looking for something he wouldn't watch with me (I have to take every opportunity!), but I actually think he would have enjoyed it too.  It's billed as "Romantic Comedy" and I suppose that's accurate (there is comedy and romance) but the drama seemed more prominent, and that's what pulled me in. 

The premise is interesting.... a down-on-his luck man ends up driving a distraught woman across the country in his cab.  As they spend the days together they deal with their own personal issues, rely on each other in unexpected ways, and form a deep friendship.  There is particular scene of intense honesty that took my breath away.  It's a simple story really, but something about it stuck with me; one of the best films I never heard of.  

There is some language (no F-bombs... whew!), but no violence, nudity, or sex, though it is briefly implied. 

P.S.  This isn't really a spoiler, but it is...sort of... since I didn't know this before hand.  (And I'm glad I didn't know.)  So, in case you, like me, like to be surprised, don't read on.   The two starring actors are actually married in real life. 

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