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Friday, June 17, 2011

BOOKS: (Maisie Dobbs Novels) An Incomplete Revenge AND Among the Mad

An Incomplete Revenge (A Maisie Dobbs Novel) (Book 5)
Among the Mad (A Maisie Dobbs Novel) (Book 6)
by Jacqueline Winspear

I frequently rave about the Maisie Dobbs Novels.  (Read them in order....the first one is called Maisie Dobbs: A Novel.)  The writing is excellent... descriptive and well-crafted.  The characters are wonderful and well-developed.  And the stories will suck you in.  This can be a problem because I absolutely cannot put these books down!  Beware!  (I admit it....I read these 2 books in two days. Yes, I sort of ignored everything else.  Oops.) 

Maisie Dobbs is not your average detective.... the psychology angle is fascinating, and her personal development and relationships add great depth to the stories.  I love that these books are also basically clean.... there is no sex, but you will find an occasional mild profanity.  There are sometimes murders to solve, but generally nothing descriptive or gruesome.  The stories are very intense though, so these books are definitely not for kids or teens.

(The complete series)

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