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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FILM (TV): Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin (2010)
rated PG, starring Claire Danes, Julia Ormond, Catherine O'Hara

Wow.  This fantastic HBO film about the life of Temple Grandin made me think, and made me cry, and I loved it.  There isn't much else I need to say except, "Go watch it!"  But if you still need convincing, I will continue....

Temple Grandin is autistic.... AND a doctor of animal science, livestock handling genius, university professor, author, and autism advocate.  Truly an amazing person.  Her story touched me, as it has done millions of people.  Her influence is wide-spread among many fields of study.  I would be impressed by her work even if she were not autistic... the fact that she is makes it all the more amazing (sorry, I can't help using that word repeatedly). 

Claire Danes does an excellent job portraying Grandin, and together with a fabulous cast of supporting actors, makes this award-winning film what it is.  The film-makers used Grandin's books as the basis for the script and brilliant techniques to show us how this highly intelligent woman "thinks in pictures."  This powerful, inspiring and emotional film is worth watching with your whole family (the only thing that might be offensive is some mild gore from the slaughter of cattle, but it's pretty minor).

[As a side note, Temple Grandin's 2010 TED speech is fascinating and informative, and should be required viewing for teachers!  I think I'm becoming slightly obsessed, wanting to watch every YouTube video I can find of her.]

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