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Sunday, February 12, 2012

FILM: Limitless

Limitless (PG-13)
starring Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish

This was a fun thriller, and actually quite thought provoking at the same time.  It is the kind of film that you keep thinking about for days afterward, prompting discussions.  The story line is pretty fascinating and it's very entertaining.  There are plenty of plot holes I'm sure, but it's pretty easy to suspend your disbelief and just enjoy it. 

I watched this on Netflix streaming so I couldn't use ClearPlay, though that would have been preferable.  There was some language, but I believe the rating comes mostly from some sexual content (nothing explicit) and some disturbing/frightening parts, though they are relatively mild.

Recommended for Adults

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  1. I absolutely loved this movie and kept thinking about it afterwards. Then I wanted to watch it again, and that rarely happens to me. Loved this movie!!