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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TV SERIES: Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey (Seasons 1 & 2)
PBS Masterpiece
Starring Hugh Bonneville, Maggie Smith, Elizabeth McGovern

You might not have heard of Downton Abbey.... if you have been living under a rock.  :)  I kind of resisted watching it at first because I knew I would be hooked and I didn't have time for another obsession.  Well, as expected, I was completed addicted after the first very episode.   My husband (he is just as hooked) and I even stayed up until 2:30 a.m. watching the last five episodes of the second season.

As we finally went to bed (but couldn't stop thinking about it and talking about it, and the next day too), I said to my husband, "You know, we would never want to actually endure the gut-wrenching heartbreak that these characters experience, but we certainly enjoy watching it!"  I suppose that is because we have all felt brokenhearted for one reason or another (and not necessarily romantically) so we recall our own feelings as we watch these fictional characters suffering. 

During several episodes I actually said out loud, "I can't stand it!  It's just too heartbreaking!"  I felt like I was about to explode.  It just feels so real that I felt like my own heart was breaking.  It's so emotional and powerful....and human.

The series is extraordinarily well-acted, the sets and costumes are exceptionally realistic and carefully controlled to maintain historical accuracy, the characters are extremely fascinating, and the story lines and events are incredibly compelling.  I imagine I am not the only one who is waiting breathlessly for season 3 to begin.

As for any objectionable material; there are some intense scenes of war, including some violence and visible injuries, and a couple of scenes of a sexual nature, but they are relatively mild and viewers don't see anything inappropriate.  Some of the serious subject matter makes it inappropriate for children, but they wouldn't find it interesting anyway.

Are you a fan?  Have you seen this hilarious parody?  It's spot on!

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  1. That parody is hilarious! I got season one on netflix to watch (saved it for after having the baby so I could have something to look forward to while feeding her) and was so annoyed to find that season two isn't available! Of course there are a million hold requests for it at the library! Boo!