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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BOOK: No More Dead Dogs (by Gordon Korman)

No More Dead Dogs
by Gordon Korman

I was the tie-breaker reader on this book for our school library (sound familiar?), and glad to be.  I really enjoyed it.  (Actually, I had a hard time putting it down.)  The only thing questionable was a few uses of "Jackass" (in a teasing way).  I worried about it, but finally decided that it's OK.  Gordon Korman is funny, and the characters are interesting... both boys and girls will relate, since the narrative voice switches between several main characters of both genders.  The story is very funny, but there are also some great lessons about friendship, loyalty, honesty, and doing the right thing. 

Age recommendation:  6th grade and up


  1. Korman came to our Middle School a month ago. The boys really like his books. I have never read one so I was happy to hear YOUR report. Cool Blog Alice!

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