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Sunday, February 13, 2011

FILM: The Movie Hero (2003)

The Movie Hero
starring Jeremy Sisto

Being able to watch movies instantly from Netflix is pretty cool.  We have discovered some good (and bad) films this way.

The other night Jay was flipping around looking for something to watch and found this movie.  I was busy doing something else so I wasn't paying attention, but I could hear it.  After a few minutes of listening to it from the kitchen I couldn't help myself so I sat down and watched it.  It was quite fun.  It's sort of a spoof the "formula movie."  I was a little nervous when I saw there was no rating.  It was surprisingly clean throughout, EXCEPT for one use of the dreaded F-word.  It was totally out-of-the-blue.  Otherwise there was nothing else offensive.  It's a shame that one word was in there.  (It was almost as if they said, "We better throw something in so we don't get a G rating.")  The only other thing that would make it slightly uncomfortable to watch with your kids is a moment where the main character watches some women pass by on their way to the beach wearing bikinis.  But it's nothing worse than they would see at the beach!  (Actually, not even as bad because it doesn't last long.)

Anyway, it was quirky and fun.  I wasn't rolling on the floor laughing, but I found I was smiling for most of the movie, and laughed out loud several times. 

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