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Saturday, April 16, 2011

BOOK: Dive (series)

Dive (series)
by Gordon Korman
Book One:  The Discovery
Book Two:  The Deep
Book Three:  The Danger

I have enjoyed what I have read by Gordon Korman so far, including this series.  It's exciting and well-written.  The narration switches between the main characters, but it isn't distracting.  There are also flashbacks to the 1600's which add to the mystery and enhance the story about four teenagers' adventures during a summer diving internship in the Caribbean.  There are some pretty intense scenes and a bit of violence (not graphic), so I wouldn't recommend this series to younger children.

I do have one criticism.  Considering the reading level and subject matter, I'm surprised that each book is only around 150 pages (in larger type with wide margins), which makes each book appear to be geared more toward lower grades.  I suppose it was a publishing/marketing/sales strategy to make this a 3 book series when it would have made more sense to combine this into one longer novel (which would probably end of being around 300 pages with normal margins and type).  Oh well.

Age recommendation:  10 years and up

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