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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FILM: Departures (2008)

Departures (PG-13)
in Japanese with English Subtitles

I usually enjoy foreign films and I really liked this one, called "Okuribito" ("Departures" in English).  It is rated PG-13, mostly due to thematic material. An unemployed cellist finds himself accidentally accepting a very unusual job, and learns some profound lessons through his journey. It's at times very funny, sometimes awkward, and occasionally sad, but quite good. It's very different from most American films, cinematically (I think that's a word) as well as culturally. Jay and I really enjoyed it.

I am interested to know what other people thought of it. Did you see it?

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  1. Quirky? I am all over that! Just added it to my Netflix queue.