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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BOOK: Stand for the Family (Sharon Slater)

by Sharon Slater, President/Founder, Family Watch International

The author happens to be my neighbor and fellow church member, so I know her pretty well.  I knew that she was heavily involved with family issues around the world, and lobbies constantly at the UN, but until I read this book I really had no idea of the extent to which she is involved, the incredible influence for good she has been, and the terrible plague that is sweeping the world in opposition to the family.

The book is very eye-opening... shocking is a better word.  It's sobering, frightening, and horrifying.  If you care about families, this book will make you angry at the evil out there, but very grateful that there are people like Sharon Slater who "stand for the family."  Hopefully, it will also inspire you to do something.... to find out more, to get involved in your community.

So, get the book.  Read it.  Buy it.  Read it again.  Inform yourself.  And do whatever it takes to protect your family..... and "stand for the family."

Because of some of the shocking content (carefully edited to avoid the most offensive material, but necessary to help people understand the truth), this book is not appropriate for children, but should be shared and discussed with teens.

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