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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TV SERIES: Foyle's War (PBS Masterpiece)

PBS Masterpiece 
Starring Michael Kitchen

This series about a detective who solves murders during World War II is excellent, with great stories, an excellent cast, and interesting characters.  Though the stories naturally intersect with what is going on during war time, the cases are about people, and not the war exactly.

Each episode is more like a full-length film, and each "case" is inclusive in that episode.  However, the main characters' stories continue throughout the series.  I have watched the first 8 episodes (sets 1 & 2, called "Series 1 & 2").  I really enjoyed them.  Though murders are involved, the violence is very minimal and not graphic (most takes place off camera), and there are only a few mild swear words here and there.  Nothing really offensive, but certainly not appropriate for children.

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