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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BOOK: What's So Great About America (2002)

What's So Great About America
by Dinesh D'Souza

This excellent book by writer/speaker/former-Reagan-policy-analyst/Indian immigrant Dinesh D'Souza is part world history lesson, part American history/civics lesson, part philosophy lesson, and part psychological analysis, and yet is perfectly accessible, gripping, and downright fascinating.  It is also timely, even though much has changed in our country (and the world) since this book was published in 2002.  It should be required reading for every American high school and college student, every teacher, every parent, every politician, every public servant, every business man or woman, every homemaker, every immigrant... well, basically every American.  (I'm even going to have my 12-year-old read it.) 

Unless you are familiar with D'Souza's writing, you might be deceived by the title at first glance.... it's not a question, but rather a statement.  And yet the book does ask (and answer) that very question, by teaching us, as I mentioned, not only about America herself (warts and all), but about other countries and societies and their perceptions of America, and why they matter to us.  D'Souza's unique perspective as an American by choice, rather than by birth, is valuable indeed.  And even if you think you know what Mr. D'Souza has to say or suspect where he goes with this, you will be surprised.  It's not exactly what you might think.

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